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Aymeric Hainaux & Anne Lise Le Gac

dès 12 ans
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30 min.

Two French artists who love going over the line. Aymeric Hainaux and Anne Lise Le Gac are pure energy on a stage ; they have been proving it for ten years with this uniqe duet.
The first is -next to a heap of other crafts- beatboxer who moves somewhere between techno, house and hip-hop and loves vibrating on the pulse of his audience. At NEXT you can admire him in two other productions : in Mirlitons together with François Chaignaud, and during a special solo show.
Le Gac in her turn has a background in visual arts but today she chiefly makes performative work. She was programmed before at NEXT with La Caresse du Coma ft. YOLO (during the cancelled edition of 2021).
As a member of Okay Confiance she set off a crazy party during the last edition of the BUDA-festival Almost Summer.
On stage Hainaux and Le Gac throw beatbox and dance in the mix.


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