baroque à l'avant-scène


Le labyrinthe des passions

Alice Glaie, Stéphanie Revillion, Camille Dupont et Yannick Lemaire


SA 06 AVR 19:00


infos / tarifs

Tarif C


soprano Alice Glaie

soprano Stéphanie Revillion

violoncelle Camille Dupont

orgue positif Yannick Lemaire

Harmonia Sacra travels through the realm of passions in a concert composed of the most moving and eloquent 17th century’s sacred pieces from European baroque music. 


With utter eloquent poetics, 17th century’s composers were trying to give life to passions through new musical language, and move the listener’s heart. Musical art is a sort of mirror in which our spirit gets touched by our senses. Passions take us into a maze of emotions and awaken us to transcendence. Let’s travel the Labyrinthe des Passions and be moved by this Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, universal music poetry which is our common language.