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Rencontre Citéphilo

dès 15 ans
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en présence d’Isabelle Stengers, Philippe Pignarre et Nicolas Truong

A few great friendships went down in the history of philosophy. The friendship between Bruno Latour and Isabelle Stengers has been one of them for more than thirty years.

Latour and Stengers share a common idea that is the starting point and heart of their work : scientific practices which are the pride of our modernity. Why do we, as modern people, define us as the ones who know while others are left with belief ? A question that drove them to share the same concern : how to understand and live with what is called by Latour “the new climate regime”, and Stengers “a time of debacle” ? She will converse with Philippe Pignarre, their editor and essay writer, and Nicolas Truong, journalist at Le Monde and writer of the great interview with Bruno Latour directed in 2021 for Arte tv.

Dans le cadre de Citéphilo, du Next Festival et des rencontres du spectacle vivant en Haut-de-France