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  • 2022
    • Sat. 19 March. > 20:30


20€ / 17€ / 15€


Bérengère Krief

Love stories end badly… Fine! After a three-year absence and a failed marriage, Bérengère Krief is back on stage. The artist from Lyon turned her romantic setbacks into a new show exactly like her: cheeky and touching.
She became famous thanks to her part as Kyan Khojandi’s “sex buddy” in the short TV series Bref. Then she presented a girlie one-woman show in which she dissected the relationship between girls and boys with unrivaled boldness. Since then, Berengère Krief has grown up. She suffered failures as well. A wedding cancelled at the last moment is not something you can easily forget. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… and funnier! In her new show, the stand-up comedian tells her love life and asks herself what may be wrong with her… The enchanting direction is highlighted by Nicole Croisille and Aya Nakamura’s music! With a few sad moments here and there, the show is both hilarious and true to life.

Une proposition du Théâtre d’Anzin Valenciennes Métropole


texte Bérengère Krief

direction artistique Nicolas Vital 

production Richard Caillat – Arts Live Entertainment

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