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  • 2021
    • Wed. 26 May. > 20:00


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Gabriela Carrizo et Franck Chartier | Peeping Tom

Kind is the third part of a family trilogy created in 2014 by the Brussels dance company Peeping Tom. Kind is a surreal and peculiar journey into childhood and its emotional turmoil. The show brings into focus the dark side of human beings, young as they may be. 

 First there was Vader (Father) and then Moeder (Mother). Kind is the obvious third part of a trilogy dealing with hidden emotions inside the family environment. The show is now telling things from the child’s point of view. How does he see the world? What’s his inside world made of? Are fear, anxiety and desire affecting his decisions? Inspired by workshops held with children and young people from all social backgrounds, Franck Chartier and Gabriela Carrizo explore this period of change. They show in the most shrewd and funny way how a child’s imagination and play may also connote aggressiveness, jealousy and cruelty.  

The dreamlike world invented by the choreographers and directors is astonishingly creative and disturbing as well as masterfully designed. As usual, choreography is uncompromising, body language seems boundless as the dancers are true virtuoses. A bewitching, dramatic journey.


Design and direction Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier
Created and performed by Eurudike De Beul, Marie Gyselbrecht, Hun-Mok Jung, Brandon Lagaert, Yi-chun Liu, Maria Carolina Vieira

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