Phèdre !

grand théâtre - phénix

starting from 15 years
  • 2021
    • Wed. 27 January. > 19:00
    • Thu. 28 January. > 19:00


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theatre loustix, kid's season

François Gremaud

Racine’s tragedy like you’ve never seen it before! In this play, François Gremaud does not stage Phèdre, but the actor’s captivation for the 1654-Alexandrine play instead . A quirky show whose passion is contagious.

Phèdre ! The exclamation point is meaningful. It indicates Romain Daroles’ enthusiasm. Irresistible as a young teacher trying to transmit his passion for this tragedy, he turns out to be hilarious. Alone on a stage where the only props are a table and a copy of the masterpiece, the actor plays all the characters and dissects the historical background of the play. He recites the Alexandrines pulling great hilarious funny faces. The tone is funny, quirky and sometimes schoolboyish, however the audience is being charmed by the words. Make no mistake! The actor is mostly declaring his love for theatre. Some fine line!    


Family show


Design and direction François Gremaud
cast Romain Daroles
text Jean Racine, François Gremaud

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