Näss (Les Gens)

grand théâtre - phénix

starting from 12 years
  • 2021
    • Fri. 14 May. > 20:00

55 min

Tarif B

dance loustix, kid's season

Fouad Boussouf

Born in Morocco and raised in France, Fouad Boussouf wears down the questions of identity and culture. The Massala company’s founder intertwines hip hop and modern circus, contemporary and traditional dance to create a mesmerizing trance in the shape of a beautiful collective anthem.

The word « diversity » takes on its full meaning in Fouad Boussouf’s work. Coming from all horizons (ballet to kung-fu!), the seven performers of Näss (“the people”) abandon themselves to a syncretic sound wave from all times and continents. Popular North African rhythms ((taskiouine or reggada), gnaoua trance, hip hop… Propelled by electronic pulses or drum tempo, these men surpass themselves and dance till exhaustion, mixing acrobatics and utmost precise choreography. Through intense body dialogue, they transcend the power of energy circulating between people.

 Family show.


choreographer Fouad Boussouf
cast Elias Ardoin (or Yanice Djae), Sami Blond, Mathieu Bord, Maxime Cozic, Loïc Elice, Justin Gouin, Nicolas Grosclaude

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