Le Syndrome de Cassandre

grand théâtre - phénix

starting from 14 years
  • 2018
    • Tue. 04 December. > 8pm
    • Wed. 05 December. > 7pm
    • Thu. 06 December. > 8pm
    • Fri. 07 December. > 8pm
    • Sat. 08 December. > 6pm


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by Yann Frisch

Yann Frisch’s world is frankly strange, unusual, disturbing and hilarious. This accomplished artist takes us to a wacky maze of stories where darkness meets comedy. Halfway between macabre theatre, theatre of objects and magic, magic does happen !
Let’s come and applaud one of the greatest magicians of our time ! Yann Frisch presents his very first solo show. There is neither hat, nor rabbit, no cut in half woman either but a fantastic show where magic does not always happen when we think it will… In Greek mythology, Cassandra foretells disasters but no one listens. The clown artist goes on stage and wants to be listened and heard as well. Unfortunately, his red nose and puppy eyes make the audience laugh. Between magic and stand-up comedy, Yann Frisch plays with the audience, manipulates them, triggers reaction. An incredible sensitive moment where people laugh as much as they’re amazed !


auteur, conception magie et interprétation Yann Frisch
co-écriture, conception magie Raphaël Navarro
dramaturgie Valentine Losseau
création lumière Elsa Revol
regard extérieur clown Johan Lescop
régie générale Étienne Charles
régie plateau Claire Jouët – Pastré, Zoé Bouchicot
scénographie, costumes Claire Jouët – Pastré
construction marionnette Johanna Ehlert
construction Bernard Painchault
diffusion Sidonie Pigeon
production Fanny Fauvel
merci à Alain Demoyencourt, Hugues Protat, Fred Blin, Étienne Saglio

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