Je m’en vais mais l’état demeure (création intégrale)

grand théâtre - phénix

  • 2022
    • Sat. 14 May. > 14:00


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Hugues Duchêne

From trials to political meetings, from Gilets Jaunes’ demonstrations to media sensations, the Royal Velours company tells and deconstructs the French political life and its hiccups, with which the actors’ individual stories get mixed up. Five years of Macron’s presidency enlightened from several perspectives: the electoral perspective, the legal perspective, the parliamentary perspective, the media perspective and the diplomatic one. Hugues Duchêne does not choose between autofiction and documentary theatre. He infiltrates, observes, travels, meets, listens and learns. Through a fake naïve gaze, full of comedy he tells personal and historical narratives, private and political stories. A puzzling, spirited performance light years away from self-declared truth and groupthink!


écriture, conception et mise en scène Hugues Duchêne
avec Pénélope Avril, Juliette Damy, Vanessa Bile-Audouard, Théo Comby-Lemaître, Hugues Duchêne,
Marianna Granci, Laurent Robert, Gabriel Tur, Robin Goupil

pôle européen de création

campus Amiens Valenciennes


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