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  • 2021
    • Fri. 12 March. > 17:30



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Animal Architecte | Camille Dagen

Acting outside the norm or destroying it, defying the world to build a new destiny… Young people hang around as “gangs” and the public opinion becomes “waves”. Mixing performing arts and philosophy, Camille Dagen’s show with Animal Architecte tells the mysterious history of this counterculture and its fragmentary turbulent adventures.  

At the beginning was a book Lipstick Traces by American writer Greil Marcus in which the philosopher and rock critic studies 20th cultural revolutions, rebellious impetus driving to break up with an individualist system to build a common destiny. Art as a poetic weapon and strategy of resistance. Animal Architecte gathers its own gang of modern young people to possess this partly clandestine story, full of naive dreams and rage, anger and creative flights, frustration, failure and pleasure. Their show is frenzied and haunted, violent and funny. These gangs from the past gather and break up, leaving scars, archives, promises and challenges, unpaid debts spread over time… An artistic and hybrid show like a Dadaist collage.


 Direction and scenography Camille Dagen together with Emma Depoid, set designer
cast Théo Chédeville, Roman Kané, Thomas Mardell, Nina Villanova

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