Edito 2021 > Les sens essentiels

ESSENTIAL SENSES This crisis made us ponder over our existence. Are we necessary ? And if we are, what is our true purpose ? Is it the artists, whose work we carried on supporting ? Is it the audience becoming more and more virtual as weeks went by ? Can one be reduced to one’s essence ? No kiss, no flesh, no body. Have we been placed under house arrest ? Have we become digital identities that can be measured, monetised by Internet giants, confining the world behind a screen under a never-ending lockdown ? Could we reduce our lives to a cold minimum while our locked up, exhausted bodies became burdens threatened by the virus ?

How to be certain it won’t happen again ? As pointed out by philosopher Bruno Latour, aren’t we already living among viruses in a world we are gradually spoiling ? So let’s not avoid answering the following question. What does remain essential today ? To us, art is what matters the most, and so do artistic creativity along with literature. So we met with five artists and writers trying to find answers, and whom we’ll be supporting in the context of the ECH.

Their reflection on the situation deeply moved us. So we decided to share them with you, as the new year finally starts, feeling like the air we’ve been so desperately lacking. Let’s hope that bodies will rebel, the youth will spring, that we’ll be able to touch, kiss and be shaken up again by the performing arts. We are so deeply delighted to welcome you again. What’s undoubtedly true is that we’ve never been happier to see you again. Face to face. In the flesh.

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